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2021 UPDATE FOR ADDED FLEXIBILITY - Additional tripods


The Multi-Event Kit contains 3 timing gates with hardware to support up to three tall timing gates (six regular tripods) and/or one short timing gate (two mini tripods).  It can be used for dash events, flying events, dash with split events, pro-agility drills, T-test, lane agility drills, lap events, 5-0-5 agility, RAST, or custom events.  The standard kit works indoors and outdoors.



  • 3 laser modules
  • 3 reflectors
  • 6 regular tripods (updated with 2 additional tripods for 2021)
  • 2 mini tripods
  • Briefcase


For outdoor use we strongly suggest the outdoor version, which contains additional hardware for stabilization in windy conditions.  The Outdoor Multi-Event Kit contains two additional tripods, two phone holders, three Heat Shields, and six tripod weight systems.


* For distances over 40 yards we recommend the mobile device be attached to a free standing tripod located between the start and stop lasers for the most consistent results.  An additional regular tripod and separate phone holder can be purchased from Dashr for use with the standard version; these are included in the outdoor version.  We suggest distances no more than 60 yards.


** This products requires an Android (API 21 or newer) or iOS (version 10.0 or newer) compatible device which is not included with this purchase.  A network is not needed to utilize the Dashr system, therefore a dedicated device can be purchased elsewhere for use with the Dashr timing systems.  If multiple drills are run simultaneously, each drill requires it’s own mobile device to run the Dashr app.

Multi-Event Kit

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