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Instructions for each performance test

detailed information on the EAPI and instructions for data collection

10 Yard Dash

The 10 yd dash measures linear acceleration and speed. The number one physical attribute that determines athletic ability is running speed. A fast start and good acceleration are very important; being a step faster could be the difference between winning and losing. Most electronic timing systems require 2 gates for this drill.

10 yard dash.png

Pro-Agility (5-10-5)

The Pro-Agility or 5-10-5, measures lateral agility. Agility refers to the ability to change directions rapidly while maintaining balance without the loss of speed. The test can be done with a standing start or a three-point start as long as everyone on the team does it the same way. For the purpose of this competition, we will be doing a 2-point start. The athlete always runs to the right for five yards then returns running ten yards to the left before coming back right to the starting line. Most electronic timing systems can measure this with a single timing gate.


broad jump

The Standing long jump, also called the Broad Jump, is a test of explosive leg power. It is one of the fitness tests in the NFL Combine and was also once an event at the Olympic Games. This can be recorded using a tape measure or an electronic device (not required).

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