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Epley Strength Index

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 Strength Index 

The Epley ASI uses bio-metrics, years of scientific research, and consistent measurement techniques. Our system ranks each athlete's performance at a series of specific tasks based on body weight. The Epley Advantage Strength Index has created a paradigm shift in the athletic world and is utilized by programs across the country to secure championships. Athletes are better able to train and coaches can improve recruitment using this system. 

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No Ad Gimmicks. 
No Over Zealous Marketing. 
Just Real Results, Backed By Science. 
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How It Works

Athletes complete the Hang Clean and Squat (add additional, sport specific, tests). 

The poundage, reps, as well as the height and weight of each athlete are compiled for the testing results. 

Epley ASI converts the testing data using a proprietary algorithm and assigns a final strength index to each participant.  

Why Epley ASI ?

Globally Recognized 

Quickly Identify Top Competitors 

Highly Accurate

Improved Training

Real Results 

Sport Specific 

Check Out A Sample Report

Epley ASI is more accurate than any other testing method because it accounts for physical atributes. This allows athletes to compete pound for pound regardless of sport or gender.

For example three athletes are squatting to see who would have the highest Strength Index.
Female Basketball player who weighs - 175 lbs. Squats 300 lbs. for 514 Strength Index points.
Female – Shot Putter who weighs 200 lbs. Squats 320 lbs. for 513 Strength Index points.
While a Male Football player who weighs 250 lbs Squats 540 lbs for 512 Strength Index points. 
All three are tremendous athletes to have scored over 500 points. Most high school athletes will be in the 200-to-400-point range.
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