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Create a Free Dashr account here and check out the video below to see how to sign up for a free trial.

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Epley Advantage is proud to partner with Dashr to bring the best timing systems to our customers. These wireless kits are portable, accurate, and affordable. The integrated Dashr mobile app automatically uploads testing results and additional products allow coaches to manage their roster spots digitally. 

Timing Gates

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Reaction timing that is changing the game. 


Most speed training provides athletes with step-by-step drills to execute in oder to become faster and more agile.  Using Dashr | React you can train and test your athletes' ability to make split-second decisions in real time. The system randomly displays a direction for the test and the athlete must react accordingly. 

Initial drills offered: Reactive Agility and Reactive Shuttle (NBA combine)


Roster & Data Management

Coaches around the world are pitching the pen! With Dashr | Rosters you can upload athletes to your online roster and automatically sync their testing results in real time with the Dashr app on your mobile device. Start testing for as little as $1.00 an athlete!

Jumps Done Smart. 


The Dashr | Jump module attaches to your vane based jump station (currently designed for Vertec), making it smart!

You can also use it on the ground to measure broad jump!

No more manual measurements

No more pen and paper. 

No more math. 

Automate Vertical and Broad Jump Testing. 

Dashr | Jump Quickstart Guide

Reactive Agility Testing
Vertical Jump Testing
Testing Tracking Software
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