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1 year license for UNLIMITED Epley Advantage Strength Index reports.


We suggest that you purchase directly through Dashr's the online Dashboard so that the license is automatically credited to your account.


Note that a Dashr timing system is currently required to generate an Epic API report.


The Epley ASI uses biometrics, years of scientific research, and consistent measurement techniques. Our system ranks each athlete's performance at a series of specific tasks based on body weight. The Epley Advantage Strength Index has created a paradigm shift in the athletic world and is utilized by programs across the country to secure championships. Athletes are better able to train and coaches can improve recruitment using this system. 


Run these reports on your athletes with this purchase to credit Epley ASI Reports to your Dashr account. Hop on the Dashboard, make sure you have the proper data entered, and generate a report!


Note that each athlete requires a Roster Spot to be in the Dashr system. Ten free Roster Spots come with your account. Additional Roster Spots purchased online will be credited to your account.


*You can cancel anytime.

Epley ASI License

Price Options
EASI License
$200.00every year until canceled
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