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Nebraska High School Performance Index State Championship

The universal language of sport

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The Epley Athletic Performance Index (EAPI) consists of Speed, Agility and Power tests which are measured indoors on a basketball surface (for consistency). The 10 yard Dash measures linear Speed, the Pro-Agility (5-10-5) measures Agility and ability to change direction and accelerate, and the Broad Jump (Standing Long Jump) is a very good measure of explosive Power.


The EAPI has proven to be a valuable tool for identifying athletic talent. Using the three performance tests along with the size of the athlete, a comprehensive assessment can be generated. The Index can identify athletic talent for power sports and help coaches determine an athlete’s potential as well as their and progress in training.


The EAPI identifies the athlete’s strengths and points out areas where they can improve. In addition, it is a great tool for coaches to audit their programming and obtain an unbiased measure of improvement.

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The EAPI was born at the University of Nebraska and this year's High School State Championship in Nebraska will take place on July 23rd, 2024 in Lincoln, NE for the '23-'24 school year.

High school coaches who are registered Nebraska Coaches Association (NCA) members can submit performance testing scores for their athletes.

All scores must be submitted by June 17th, 2024 and the top performers for both boys and girls will be announced by July. They will be invited to the State Championship held at North Star High School during the NCA Multi-Sport Clinic.

Competition Summary?

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What needs to be Submitted?


Height, Weight, Age, Year, and Gender


Linear Speed

10 yd or 40 yd Dash


Pro-Agility (5-10-5)


Broad or Vertical Jump

How to submit

  • Become a NCA member if you are not already.

  • Check out the instructions on how to perform each drill. If you need equipment check out the offer at the bottom of this page. You can also reach out to Dashr at to see if they can stop by your school for testing.

  • Let your athletes know that they can get a free GET HIGHLIGHTED (GH) profile for 12 months. Instructions for signup here.

  • Download the Excel template below and fill out all highlighted. fields, note that electronic timing is REQUIRED for official submissions.

  • If an athlete created a GH profile, add their GH ID to the spreadsheet.

  • Rename the file with your school's name and the date. Example: "NorthStar 1_14_24"

  • Email the updated Excel file to

  • Submit all data by June 17th, 2024 to be included. As results are received they will be added to our online leaderboard so you and your athlete's can see where they stand.

  • You can submit results for each athlete up to two times. So if they improve from January to June - you can resubmit and update their score on our leaderboard.

  • The top performers will be announced by July and will be invited to the State Championship on July 23rd, 2024 in Lincoln, NE.

Any questions? Please email or call Dashr at 844-443-2747

Submission Template

Important information

  • Electronic timing is required for measuring the 10 yard dash and Pro-Agility - to remove any bias or human error. If you do not have an electronic timing system, please try to borrow one from a program that does, or purchase one. We suggest the Dashr system, the minimum required for this testing would be their 2-Gate System. You can also reach out to Dashr about having them come test your athletes.

  • If you would like to participate using hand timing, you can submit your results as outlined above and you will receive an email back with the non-official EAPI scores, but they will not be included in the competition.

  • The State Championship Competition will take place on an indoor basketball court using Dashr timing equipment. It is suggested that you test your athletes on a basketball court to better mimic this event.

  • The Leaderboards will go live in June of 2024.

  • The top boy and girl athletes will be invited to the State Championship!


want electronic timing and unlimited access to the eapi for your program?

 Epley Advantage is a proud partner of Dashr Timing Systems. The EAPI is now integrated with Dashr's technology to provide coaches with accurate testing results and consistent measurement metrics.


Dashr's wireless systems allow you to test a multitude of speed and agility drills along with jumps and reaction testing. These systems also have the ability to add extra gates at any time to expand your testing capabilities.   

Using Dashr to test with allows you to automatically save your results to an online dashboard where the EAPI can be calculated for your athletes. Better understand how your athletes are progressing through training and make adjustments where necessary.

special deal for participating schools.

  • Dashr 3-Gate timing system

  • 100 Roster Spots

  • Epley Advantage Performance Index License (1 year)

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